Handling Controversial Topics on your business page

I have had the great pleasure to work with some amazing brands, and often times it is on the worst social media day for their business. I wanted to share my top 3 tips to think about if your business is experiencing a social media crisis.

1. Hire a social media manager or consultant

When talking about topics that are new to your business, even if it is just for a consultation or short term contract; contact a professional who knows the ins and outs of social media. They will be able to help you with the best strategy moving forward.

2. Your team should reflect the community you serve.

You can’t say you promote “diversity and inclusion ” and your business reflects the opposite. Majority complaints I encounter are customers and community members who feel that they can not relate to your brand or business. This does not mean tokenism. Do not just rely on “we have a (black/brown/female/LGBTA+) employee, so that means…..” Is there diversity in all aspects of your business from executive level to entry level.

“This does not mean tokenism.”


Yes, you will have to apologize! When apologizing, the apology should NOT have a BUT attached. Say your sorry, acknowledge what you did with real words (bigotry, racism, homophobia), and give examples of how you will make a real change. Stay away from words like: our intentions, taken out of context, or it has always been used. These statements come off as dismissive and prove that the blame is on the complaint and not your business.

Are you going through a crisis? Maybe you would like to be proactive and have a “fire escape plan” ready, well let’s get connected. Email Contact@rsbstrategies.com to set up a consult.

Published by Sabrina B.

I am a science nerd turned social media guru with the expertise to develop your unique social media personality. I help small and start-up companies understand their demographics and give their content a fresh and millennial flow. Social Media Crisis manager to many brands as they navigate how and what to do next in a "cancel culture" atmosphere that demands transparency. Blogs, Newsletters, community management, live broadcast on social media outlets, expo presentations, new product presentations, and product training. Social media Guru by day and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) by night (well sometimes in the day too.). Welcoming a child earthside comes with a lot of questions; having a CLC provides families with support and education about building a healthy breastfeeding relationship while reaching their parenting goals. Support groups, classes, one-on-one consultations, social media live videos, employment policies, and breastfeeding room interior design.

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