Top 5 things to do when Facebook and Instagram are down

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If you are a social media manager like me, you probably noticed some issues with Facebook and Instagram long before articles starting popping up on Twitter. After combing through panic emails from contracts and coworkers, I was able to treat it like a “Social Media Snow Day” and get even more work done. I know what your thinking: You spent the majority of your day refreshing, then checking twitter, refreshing, then checking twitter again. Here are my Top 5 things to do when social has taken a personal day.

#1 Do you have a Twitter account yet?

This is the perfect time to set one up. You can predict that everyone will return to Twitter for some kind of social connection. It would be a perfect time to set up a giveaway, schedule a series of funny and interactive memes, and a chance for your audience to see a different side of you.

#2 Update your social calendar.

It is easy to get away from planning ahead, so start planning your captions for the next couple of weeks. Especially if you haven’t found a program that works for you, scheduling post, and searching old images for a good “Flashback Friday” or “TBT”.

#3 Start a blog.

Blogging is a great way to increase SEO and drive traffic to your webpage. Using this time to educate your demographics about upcoming products or events, tech a new skill or “hack” your customers never knew, or share a personal story that others can relate to. Blogging doe not have to be long either, so don’t stress if you just want to share some quick pointers.

#4 Build content.

Time to take a field trip. Building content can take a lot of out of a schedule, but with your snow day, it is the best way to leave your office and grab your camera. Try local murals, grab some props or inventory and go crazy. New images will help move dated inventory, remind people what your mission or company is about, and give you a chance to see what your cellphone or new camera can do. The more content you have, the better your social media platforms will be.

#5 Time to email.

Have you forgotten to follow-up with a connection? have you wanted to send a newsletter out? This is a perfect time to do both. Social media is fast moving; and after interactions, posting, and scheduling, you hardly have time to send an email out. Send them today! Empty your inbox and build those connections.

Before you know it, you will be back on schedule and ready for Facebook and Instagram all over again. What do you like to do when social media is down? Share them below and let us stay connected.

Published by Sabrina B.

I am a science nerd turned social media guru with the expertise to develop your unique social media personality. I help small and start-up companies understand their demographics and give their content a fresh and millennial flow. Social Media Crisis manager to many brands as they navigate how and what to do next in a "cancel culture" atmosphere that demands transparency. Blogs, Newsletters, community management, live broadcast on social media outlets, expo presentations, new product presentations, and product training. Social media Guru by day and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) by night (well sometimes in the day too.). Welcoming a child earthside comes with a lot of questions; having a CLC provides families with support and education about building a healthy breastfeeding relationship while reaching their parenting goals. Support groups, classes, one-on-one consultations, social media live videos, employment policies, and breastfeeding room interior design.

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