Getting to Know RSB

Welcome to RSB Community Strategies LLC. We help connect businesses to the communities they serve. My career started in social media and email customer support. Working with a leading consumer company provided experience on how companies interact with customers and how customers respond. This transitioned me into becoming a Social Media Manager to companies all over the U.S. Developing social media marketing strategies, community handbooks, and public relation statements. Public statements are extremely important, especially on social media outlets. I noticed that public relation firms did not have an effective social media strategy, so I began working with companies and organizations as a Social Media Crisis Manager. Developing and executing company specific strategies to regain trust and transparency with clients and customers. Providing diversity and inclusion training that goes beyond the classroom offering examples and scenarios that translate in everyday business interactions.

I understand ethical behavior and business practices to ensure these standards align with the values of the business and the communities they serve. Assess situations (future and ongoing) to determine the importance, urgency, and risk and developing a framework to address and effectively make clear the best interest of parties involved in a timely manner. Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details, information, and activities. Let RSB Community Strategies get you connected with the community.

What People Say

“so knowledgeable on community needs.”

“offers feedback that translate immediately.”

“wish we hired a crisis manager sooner”

Have questions? Lets get connected.

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