Blackout Tuesday

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This week following the brutal murder of George Floyd, social media users all over participated in #BlackoutTuesday campaign. The campaign asked that all accounts post a black tile on their news feed, and use that day to highlight black voices, businesses, and milestones. But as the day progressed, the true character of businesses and users revealled itself. As a professional who has worked with many companies, it was diffcult to see accounts truly miss the mark on what the day was about. I began seeing questions present themselves as others voiced similar concerns.


On a normal day, buinesses should be evaluating how and if they are promotinf and inviting diversity. This does not mean one black employee; this means that there is diversity at every level in your company. From the janitor to executive level. This ensures that your brand wants their team to mimic the communities they benefit from. On multiple accounts you saw a lot of “B;lack Lives Matter” and “We stand with you.” but followers wanted to see how you were standing with them .

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#pulluporshutup. We have work to do.

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Milk Make Up made the decison to practice transparency and share with their followers what their staff was made up of. The confessed they “have work to do,” but this post showed initiative and that they know who their employees are.

Black Radiance reintroduced us to the team by sharing a throwback office tour video.


It is fine that companies want to show solidarity and unity, but lets be honest actions speak louder than words. While a simple graphic of a black fist is fine, the protest prove that actions are needed in this time of crisis. Buzz words like “We oppose racisim” or “We stand in support” or “we are using this time to educate ourselves,” but no follow-up actions are being taken.

Uber had a shoet and sweet message that shared they were donating $1 million to policing equity and equal justice organization.

I understand not all business have that much monry to give away, but Ihopeduring this time, businesses evaluate how they can contribute to black and brown communities to help support the empowerment and equal opportunities. It can be as simple as a college scholarship, summer internship, or career mentorship. How are you presenting your comapany as one that accepts everyone in the workplace.


Lastly, I wanted to discuss the businesses and organizations who made the decision to not post at all that day or about the issue that many of their customers are experiencing now. It was sad to see accounts not taking any stance in the matter and than using the next day as “business as usual.” Lack of a response proves that you choose not to educate yourself of your staff regarding the matter. That is in no way saying you have to fully understand what is happening, but make an effort respect what people are going through and the emotional connection that they are trying to process. I understand not wanting to have a public display on the matter, but time needed to be taken out to address your staff regarding your support to employees that may be affected.

How has your company responded? Need assistance is diversity and inclusion? Hire a professional and lets get connected. Email

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